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Creepyworld Announces new haunted attractions for 2023

Thu, June 22, 2023

Creepyworld announces new haunted houses for 2023.  This is a big year for Creepyworld as it celebrates 25 years of fear! 
Creepyworld has to be totally renovated for the celebration of FEAR!  We decided to add new props, scenes, animations to nearly 
every single haunted house inside Creepyworld.  Furthermore we're announcing a BRAND NEW Haunted Attraction:  BOBO SLAUGHTERHOUSE

The new haunted attraction will the goriest haunted house we've ever created anywhere!  Killer Clowns with Chainsaws lurk around every single corner 
of the Slaughterhouse looking to make you the DINNER for the evening.  

More announcements on Creepyworld coming soon!