Haunted House America's Biggest and Scariest Creepyworld 2021

What is New America's Biggest and Scariest Haunted Screampark Creepyworld 2021

Creepyworld Haunted Screampark - What's New 2021 

Creepyworld is America's biggest and longest haunted attraction with 13 different haunted attractions in one location!  Last year we added the all new Sleepy Hollow 3D but in 2021 we've done the biggest EXPANSION EVER!  We've created FOUR NEW attractions for Halloween 2021 including the all-new Slaughter and Sons Funeral Home - Tales of Terror - The Pumpkin Barn and a total renovation of Krampus.   

Slaughter and Sons Funeral Home -  An all-new built from scratch haunted house which takes you thru an abondonded funeral home and graveyard.  Slaughter and Sons features live actors, animations and special fx.  

Tales of Terror -  This new attraction is the first of its kind in the country!  The very first attraction at Creepyworld is now a video mapping show.  Get out your cameras - prepare to go live on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok because the coolest haunted show you've ever seen will make its debut at Creepyworld 2021.   A spooky haunted mansion sits in the back and with the use of projectors spooky things will happen with ghosts, illusions and more.  

The Pumpkin Barn -  A massive barn was built you exit thru it to see the largest collection of famous faces carved into pumpkins in the United States.  Over 200 famous face pumpkins on display.  Again bring your phone take all the photos or videos you want and share on social media.  The Pumpkin Barn is located as you EXIT Creepyworld.

KRAMPUS Revege of Jack Frost -  Krampus has been totally renovated to include new scenes, animations and a massive Christmas Light Show.  

Creepyworld has also added over 25 new SCARE animations to get more SHOCK and more SCREAMS in 2021.  Creepyworld adds new entire haunted attraction every year.  2021 is our biggest expansion adding four new haunted houses including the video mapping show.  Creepyworld requires guests to walk long distance.  Creepyworld is mostly an outdoor haunted house and the only haunt to feature a hayride.  Creepyworld take over one hour to complete.  Most haunted houses are seperated by small waiting lines.  These waiting lines are to break up groups prior to entering each haunted attraction.  Grab your friends and get ready to scream!  


CREEPYWORLD takes over ONE HOUR to complete!